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I am a runner. I run in rain or shine, light or darkness. I run until I cry, collapse, or until I feel like I cannot go on. And then, I run another mile. Because I am a runner. I am unstoppable, unbeatable, untouchable.
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Normally my long runs are on Saturday with a recovery run on Sunday. However, I’m going to be doing some traveling early next week for work (I can’t say where for security reasons) so I needed to do some rearranging of my run schedule so I could fit all my runs and rest days in this weekend prior to my travel. So that means long run on Friday instead of Saturday. 

Oh sub 7 minute miles how I’ve missed you. 

I felt really good during this run. I had a little bit of heartburn from my lunch but that only lasted about 3 miles. After that passed I got into a really nice rhythm. It was one of those runs where everything came together. My stride, my breathing and my pace all felt in sync.
I had hoped to run the majority of this run on the 2.5 mile dirt trail here on base. Unfortunately it got too dark for me to run all the miles I wanted on the trail. I still managed to run 7.5 miles on the trails but you can see my pace slowed some after 6.5 miles as the darkness settled in. Once I got back out on to some lit streets I opened up again and finished strong. 

My in-laws arrived today with some treats. #krispykreme #sugaroverdose #imightdie

Not surprising after yesterday’s speed workout. Although it did make today’s run a little slow going at the start. I had contemplated taking the entire run easy today because of the soreness but once I got going the soreness dissipated and I felt comfortable pushing the pace. 

I didn’t get started until 7:30 tonight so the sun was already setting and the temperature was dropping. It was nice not to be dying from the heat. It won’t be long before it’s still 90˚F at 9pm so I have to enjoy these temps while I still can.

eclipsenikkie replied to your link “Suspicious Backpacks at Boston Marathon Finish line”

Wow :(

I KNOW RIGHT!!!???!?! I don’t understand what’s wrong with some people. 

ariavie replied to your post “Navy Physical Readiness Test Spring 2014”

I get headaches right after a hard run if my allergies are bad. Nice work!

I’m so lucky to not have allergies. There are some people here that suffer really bad because the pollen gets really bad here. I think yesterday’s headache was a combination of running hard, the cold air and slight dehydration. It was gone by the time I got home.

malloryrunsthis replied to your post “That run went better than expected…”

I don’t run with my phone and feel like the worst runblr ever. I always miss out on snapping pictures of cool things.

I used to run with my phone when I first started running again. I used to stop and take pictures all the time. I didn’t have a blog back then. Now that I do have a blog though I’ve stopped running with my phone. It’s like I do the opposite of what a good runblr does. I think when I move from this tiny town back to the big city I’ll carry it with me just in case I get lost…or die. 

ariavie replied to your post “That run went better than expected…”

Too many clouds here tonight so we can’t see the blood moon.

I didn’t see the blood moon either. It wasn’t terribly cloudy here but it was definitely hazy. It was clear enough to see the eclipse. The moon last night though was 99% full. It was gorgeous when it first came up. 

robbsrunning replied to your photoset “Not looking forward to this run at all. Getting started a lot later…”

Let the heat training begin.

NO! I’m not ready! I want another month of cool weather!!!

fatman2fitman replied to your photoset “Not looking forward to this run at all. Getting started a lot later…”

I don’t envy that heat at all.

I hate it. There is no way that anyone should live here during the summer. I’m definitely going to move to a place where the heat is not this extreme next year. 

It's great to finally see an amazing runner that still has "off days" or days where things just don't go right. Almost everyone is like OMG TODAY'S RUN WAS PERFECT!! Thanks for the personal posts and keep doing what you do :)!
mrcarlosbc mrcarlosbc Said:

So I’m definitely all about posting exactly what i feel during my runs, after all I use this blog not only to share my experiences as an runner but as a personal training log for myself.
There is no way that every runner has a perfect run every single time out. Sure there are more good days than bad and those “perfect” runs are much more enjoyable, but runners need to acknowledge the bad days to learn from them.
Even elite athletes have bad runs, I mean even Ryan Hall DNF’d the London Olympics marathon. I’d say that’s a really bad day. 

Thanks for the taking the time to write and I hope you keep doing what you do as well! 

Run number two for the day!!

Coach had me on the track today for 12x300m repeats with a 100m walking recovery between sets. After this mornings run I had pretty much one goal, survive. Luckily coach had me run a 20 minute warm up prior to starting the repeats. That really helped loosen up my legs which was exactly what I needed. 

First, I’m just going to say how much i detest the inaccuracy of GPS watches. I started and stopped my watch at the exactly the same place on the track and I ran in the first lane the entire time. Annoying.

Anyway, I felt really good with this run. Much better than yesterday’s 8 miles of blah. The consistency of my splits makes me really happy. The sub 5 min/mi pace makes me even more happy. (Where was that this morning?) The two negative aspects about this run was that there was a pretty serious headwind that I ran into during this run. I chose to run into it though because I really wanted to have to push myself today. The second thing was that after the 6th repeat my stomach was killing me so I had to run into the gym for some quick relief. It made the rest of the run a lot easier. (And less gassy)

My legs are definitely tired tonight. I expect to be sore tomorrow. Also I’m completely drained of energy. I’m going to sleep so hard tonight. 

#Moon #fullmoon #maninthemoon

Seriously? Today is supposed to be a day of healing.

A beautiful end to an amazing day #sunset #lemoore #california

Official results
Situps in 2 minutes: 95
Pushups in 2 minutes: 50
1.5 mile run: 8:43


I’m pretty happy with this test overall. I improved my sit-ups and my pushups. My run was slower than last time but having run 8 miles last night, running with a head wind for half of the run today, and running on a dirt trail vice the rubber track that I did my last one on I’m pretty happy. Especially since I feel like I left it all out there today. My lungs and legs all felt like they were on fire by the end of the run and I got a headache immediately after the run. I don’t think I could have gone any faster today.

But not by much. 

It was definitely still hot out when I left but not as hot as I thought it was going to be which was a nice surprise. It did however, take me some time to get into this run mentally. I guess that happens when you go into the run with a negative attitude.

I really didn’t start enjoying this run until the 6th mile and that’s because the moon look AMAZING tonight. Of course I don’t run with my phone anymore so I didn’t get any pictures…I suck at being a runblr right? Luckily Google images exists. It looked something like this…

I probably pushed a little too hard on the last few miles of this run. I kind of needed it though because I didn’t run fast at all last week  and with my 1.5 mile Navy test tomorrow morning I needed to get those fast twitch muscles moving. Now a 7:04 average doesn’t exactly get my fast twitch muscles going but after a week of going slow, this was good enough. Now I just have to get really loose tomorrow before my run so I can push myself to my max. 

Not looking forward to this run at all. Getting started a lot later than I wanted and it’s still hot outside. Gonna need lots of luck to survive this one.

I had planned on doing my run this morning. I had to be at the gym before work anyway to monitor/coach the out of standard sailors. I had planned on getting them going and then jumping on the treadmill to get my 8 miles in. Usually during the Monday workout sessions we average about 5-7 people out of the 15 or so that are supposed to attend. I was counting on that today because the amount of machines at the gym is very limited. Of course the one day I plan to run on the treadmill is the day that almost all of them decide to show up. They of course take priority because they’re the ones who need the workout. Now my run is going to have to wait until after work. Which means a run in the hot sun. I’m trying not to go on a late run today because I’m planning on taking my Physical Readiness Test tomorrow morning. I’m hoping to finally go under 8:30 for my 1.5 mile run. I need fresh legs for that.

It was the perfect day to walk up to the store and get some ice cream.