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I am a runner. I run in rain or shine, light or darkness. I run until I cry, collapse, or until I feel like I cannot go on. And then, I run another mile. Because I am a runner. I am unstoppable, unbeatable, untouchable.
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tyrer replied to your post “5 Days to San Jose”

Whatchu going for in san jose?

I’m leaning more and more towards using San Jose as a training/prep race for the Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll. I still need to talk to my coach though and figure out what he thinks. If he agrees then the next decision is, do I run consistent splits or do I go all out for half the race and ease off for the second half. I’ll know more after I talk to coach.

zelling replied to your post “September Running Recap”

What is this page? How/where do you collect the stats from?

It’s a great website. I import my runs from my Nike+ account and Smashrun gives me some additional info about my run that Nike doesn’t provide. If you don’t have Nike then you can also import from Garmin and Magellan. I think there’s also a way to manually input as well if you don’t have either of those.

Also you can earn badges and follow friends if you’re into that sort of thing.


I had a really good month. Second time this year that I’ve been over 200 miles for the month. This month started out a little rough, I missed two runs and I was exhausted for the entire first week. I eventually got over that little funk and got back to doing what I do best. 

Yearly running goal is still alive. I’m at 1564 out 2014 miles for the year. I only need to average 150 miles a month for the next three months to hit my goal. At my current pace though I should end up at around 2091 miles for the year. Best year ever. 

Taper Day 3

I was all over the place with this run. I don’t know what my deal was today and why I couldn’t keep a consistent pace but it just wasn’t there today. I just need to run fast’s easier to stay on pace when I’m going fast. 




What running shoe/shoes are you currently using during training?

me: altra zero drop

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Reblogging myself since the “Chat” post is pretty much useless from what I gather smh

I run in Brooks Glycerin. :)

I run in Nike Flyknit Lunar 2. My last two pairs, my current pair and my next pair, which I’ve already bought, are Flyknit Lunar 2’s. 

Taper Day 2

After an incredibly long 12 hour day at work I came home, got right into my running clothes and headed out the door. I only had a 1 hour easy paced run today and I wanted to use this run to unwind. I figure it was better than taking a nap at 6pm. 

It’s definitely getting a lot cooler here as far as the temps go. Looking at San Jose for this weekend it looks like it’s going to be around 60˚F at race time. That’s almost the ideal temp for racing. Even though I’m not really too worried about running a PR in San Jose, the stars might be lining up for me to seriously try for it. 

7 Days to San Jose

Every run this week is supposed to be at “an easy pace”. Today coach had me run for 70 minutes. 

In my opinion taper week is always the worst part of training. Sure the speed workouts sucked and the long runs hurt but running slow…IS. THE. WORST! My goal for this week is to focus on the race and forget that these runs are short and slow. But during the run I should probably not focus on the race because then I start speeding up as you can see in miles 6 and 7 today. 

On a separate note, I booked my hotel for Boston today. Such a ridiculous amount of money spent on a hotel but I wanted something close to the finish so that my wife will have an easy time finding the finish and I won’t have such long walk to my room after the race. 

Shalane Flanagan misses the American Record but sets a new personal best for the marathon. Another inspiring performance by Shalane.

Dennis Kimetto just destroyed the world record finishing in 2:02:57 unofficially. What an amazing performance!

It was late this afternoon when I fell asleep. There’s no way I’m falling asleep tonight. Good thing the Berlin marathon is on tonight.

robert-cal replied to your post “Thank you”

That’s funny I had 3 failed attempts also. It’s funny because I think seechrisrun also writes about making it after 3 marathons. But thank you, because following the work that you and other runners did kept me at it.

That is funny! Looks like 4th time is the charm for us.
I definitely love following all the runners on here. There were a lot of times in the middle of my training when I wanted to skip workouts and just sleep. All I had to do was come on here and see everyone putting in the hard work that is necessary to accomplish a goal like this and I would find the motivation to get my shoes and and go for my run.
Thank you for following my blog. I’m very happy that I could be the same kind of motivation for you that you and so many others are for me. I hope to see you in Boston next year.

malloryrunsthis replied to your post “10 Days to San Jose”

I may have missed this but what’s your goal for San Jose?

Well, I haven’t really decided on my goal yet. My current PR is 1:23:15 and I would love to get down to 1:20 or under by the end of this season.
For me the end of the season is going to be October 26th at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon. With LA being 3 weeks after San Jose and having a faster course I think I’m going to run San Jose hard but LA for a PR attempt. 

If I just so happen to PR in San Jose then I’ll be really happy but I’m not expecting it.


breatherunlive replied to your post “Thank you”

It’s going to be my favorite Boston trip ever. :) So happy for you & all the tumblrs that made it in!!

I’m so excited to meet all the tumblrs while I’m in Boston! I plan on being there for 5 nights…as long as I can find a hotel that doesn’t kill my budget.

To all of you who congratulated me on my acceptance into the 2015 Boston Marathon. You guys are so awesome! Getting into Boston has been a goal of mine for the last two years.

  • It took me three failed attempts before I finally qualified on the fourth try.
  • I went through three different coaching methods, Nike, Hal Higdon and finally my brother.
  • Ran nearly 2000 miles in training and almost 300 miles of races
  • Relied on the great people both runners and non-runners of tumblr for inspiration DAILY.

I look forward to running the greatest marathon ever and hopefully meeting a lot of you while I’m on the east coast. And again, thank you guys for your inspiration, support and congratulations.