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I am a runner. I run in rain or shine, light or darkness. I run until I cry, collapse, or until I feel like I cannot go on. And then, I run another mile. Because I am a runner. I am unstoppable, unbeatable, untouchable.
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Actually feeling a little worse. I’ve decided to make today a full rest day and hopefully do a short run tomorrow once I get to the campsite. This cold can suck it.

Yesterday was such a great exercise day. I worked out hard and I really felt like I exerted all my energy by the end of the day. Unfortunately that seems to have taken it’s toll on me today. I was already fighting off a cold this week and after yesterday, I think I opened up my body to an attack. I was really feeling the symptoms throughout the day, runny nose, coughing and sneezing plus I had no energy all day. After resting at home for a few hours after work I started to feel a little better so I got ready and headed out for what was supposed to be an 8 mile run. 2.5 miles in I knew it wasn’t going to happen. 

Right after I hit the 3rd mile I started hearing a weird noise. I was in a fairly dark part of the neighborhood and thought maybe I was hearing some random animal but when I really listened I realized the noise was coming from me. I was involuntarily wheezing during my exhale. I probably should have just went straight home at that point which was a mile away. I decided to take the long way home which added the 5th mile to the run. I almost took an even longer route home which would have added an additional 1.5 miles but decided against it because I have such a big weekend planned that I really need to focus on getting over this cold. To that end I came home and overloaded on a vitamin C heavy smoothie and two glasses of Simply Orange & Mango juice. 

I talked to my coach and told him how this run went. He’s very concerned and wants me ready for this weekend (probably because he doesn’t want me to get his infant son sick). We decided that instead of doing the full 10 miles he had planned for me tomorrow, I’ll get plenty of rest tonight and run an easy 3-7 miles basing the distance on how I feel. Hopefully the next couple days get better because the last thing I need this weekend is breathing problems at 4500 feet in elevation. 

First there was the hour of PT this morning for the Navy where we did the Spiderman workout from Neila Rey which included a mile run. Then after a very long day at work I had a softball game in the hot sun for an hour and a half. Then came the hard work. Today’s run. 

Today was Tuesday track day. On the schedule for this track run was 8x400m repeats with a 200m jogging rest in between laps. However that was preceded by a 3 mile warm up run. 

Even though I started my run this evening about an hour earlier than I normally do, the sun has been going down a lot sooner which means it’s been cooling off earlier too. The weather was perfect for this speed workout which is good because I haven’t done a track run in a while. 

I was really happy with the consistency of the splits. I would have liked to have been a little closer to or even under 75 seconds per lap but after the long day and running 10 miles last night I’m happy with this. 

Finally I ended my day’s workouts by running a 3 mile cool down.

I’m so exhausted now and ready for bed. I’m going to sleep so good tonight. 

I think I said yesterday that all of last week I ran just under 17 miles. Tonight I ran more than half that. I’m so happy that last week is over and it’s back to my normal training schedule! First run of this week was a scheduled 10 miles. 

I felt good through 3.5 miles and then I started to feel that old familiar GI pains and pressure so I took a quick detour back home and handled my business. After that things felt great for the rest of the run. I think I’m starting to catch a little bit of an end of summer cold so my sinuses are a little blocked but running helped clear them out. I’m hoping to knock out this cold by the end of the week because I’m heading to the forests of Prescott, Arizona for a mini “running camp” with my Bro-coach and a few of his other clients. There will lots of running and I want to be at 100% healthy for the trip. 

My last day of this down week (THANKFULLY!) was a 1 hour run. A nice, easy 1 hour run. 

It was a nice little run to end the weekend. I was a little stiff at the start because I had two days off but it only took me about a mile to shake off that rust. 

Because this was a down/rest week I only ran 16.3 miles from Monday to Sunday. I have not enjoyed this. I’m ready to get back to my 50+ mile weeks starting tomorrow. I just have to keep telling myself that coach knows best. 

Thanks to the hommie megorun for tagging me in this. Here we go…

Rule1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 9 new ones.

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Here are the questions:

1) Favorite supporting actor in a movie of all time
Harrison Ford - Star Wars Episodes IV-VI

2) What is your favorite pop song you don’t want anybody too know you like?
We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus. The beat and the hook on this song are really catchy. I don’t listen to Miley, her music isn’t really what I’m into but whenever I hear this song I can’t help but rock my head to the beat.

3) what is your most regrettable fashion choice of all time
It wasn’t exactly my choice but…

4) Do you think Obama is worst president of all time yes or no answer only.

5) What is the aesthetic you would change about yourself if you could
I guess I wish I was a little bit taller

6) Would you rather be able to run a sub 4 minute mile, or a 2:05 marathon
2:05 marathon for sure

7) What is your bucket list race that you haven’t crossed off yet
Boston (soon), London and New York

8) Greatest basketball player of all time, Jordan, LeBron, Kobe?
Of these 3, Jordan

9) Are you a marijuana virgin
Yup…I was definitely a square growin’ up. A total…

For my 11 people, I’m tagging these folks.
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Here are your questions

1) Do you think we’re alone in the universe?

2) You have an all expenses paid round trip ticket to anyplace on the earth, where do you go?

3) Manet, Monet, Van Gogh or Dali?

4) If you could quit your job to pursue a singular passion what would you do?

5) Sky Diving or Diving with Sharks?

6) Have you ever stolen anything?

7) What is the one dish that must be served at your holiday meals?

8) Do you believe in magic?

9) Fold it or crumple it, how do handle your TP when your finished in the bathroom? 


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1. Go running.
2. Feel like a majestic gazelle.
3. Return home, eat everything.


1. Go running.
2. Everything is awful and your lungs/muscles refuse to suck it up and work better.
3. Return home, eat everything.

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fragmentednotes reblogged your post and added:
Well said.

Thank you!

kateruns131 replied to your post “My Daughter is 5 years old…”

There are a lot of meat-free versions of kid-friendly food, like veggie dogs and “chikn” nuggets that are usually made w/ soy or pea protein and easy to prepare. And grown ups can eat them too ;)

I am aware of the soy and veggie burgers, the “chikn” nuggets is news to me so thank you for that. I’ll definitely look into this and try out some different things to see what she enjoys and maybe she’ll love those too and giving up actual chicken nuggets won’t be such a big deal to her.

breatherunlive replied to your post “My Daughter is 5 years old…”

Seriously, you’re an awesome dad. She’s a lucky little girl!

Haha! Thanks! I try! I want her to feel like she can make her own choices. I also want to make her aware that she will meet people in her life that will have different opinions than her and she needs to learn to be accepting of those opinions. She may not like their opinions and she may cry that she can’t change those opinions (Like she did last night when I told her a lot of people eat animals) but that doesn’t make their opinions less valid than her own. That might be a huge concept for her to grasp at only 5 but hopefully I’m setting that foundation for when she grows up.

danagoesthedistance replied to your post “My Daughter is 5 years old…”

Aw what an awesome dad! Reminds me of when my 4 1/2 year old daughter recently asked how the taxidermy animals at cabellas got there and why they aren’t alive!

Thank you! First, I didn’t know you had a kid! Clearly I need to get to know some of y’all on a more personal level! Secondly, I can only imagine what your daughter thought of those taxidermy animals! If she’s anything like my daughter she probably wanted to make sure they weren’t going to come alive in the middle of dinner! Lol!

desert-child replied to your post “My Daughter is 5 years old…”

i love this. this is how my father raised me. never pushed his beliefs on us, always super understanding, and always willing to educate himself and us.

This was the way I was raised. My parents always let me choose my own path and explore different ideas and beliefs. The one exception was playing a sport in high school. My dad didn’t care what it was but he told me that I HAD to play a sport. Of course I chose cross country and track and I loved it. I want my daughter to feel like she has those same freedoms and choices for her beliefs.

seestephyrun replied to your post “My Daughter is 5 years old…”

This is adorable. You are awesome.

Thanks! It was definitely an unexpected experience for me last night. Hopefully she feels supported in her decision. She still seems a little hesitant about it but if still wants to become a vegetarian I’ll help her as much as I can.

aspiretocadence reblogged your post and added:
Make sure she gets enough iron. I tried being vegetarian at college, but I developed anemia and had to stop because I wasn’t eating right. Try and feed her a variety of things, such as vegetables, healthy grains, and nuts. Also thank you for being so understanding of her, you’re a great dad :)

See…THIS is what I need to know! Thank you for this feedback and I’ll definitely keep this in mind if/when we move forward. Also, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that!

littlerunnergurl replied to your post “My Daughter is 5 years old…”

my colleague became a vegetarian when she was 4… just in the same manner as your daughter.. pretty much word for word… she’s 36 and still a vegetarian. It’s perfectly healthy.

Very good to know. Like I’ve been saying I want to make sure that she gets all her nutrients to keep her as healthy as possible. She may not become a 100% vegetarian over night, but I can help her start on that path.

I’m going crazy this week. I’m only running every other day and each run is either short, at an easy pace, or both. Down week is boring. 

Tonight’s run was a short 45 minute run. 

My goal for this run was to get at least 6 miles in. I started out a bit too slow to make that goal but picked it up in the second half of the run. I didn’t really want to run that fast tonight and I seriously considered cutting my route short so I didn’t have to run too hard. At the last second though I decided to go ahead and push it and try to make my goal. I’m glad I did. 

Another day off tomorrow. I’m going to lose my mind.

I have never done anything like this so I decided why not give it a shot. Thank you gioruns for tagging me.

Rules: You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iphone, ipod, itunes, media player, etc…and write down the first 10 songs. Pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

Be My Girl - The Police
Have You Ever - The Offspring
Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat - Disney’s The Aristocats
The Greatest Wonder (Acoustic) - Gratitude
Never Wanted Your Love - She & Him
Let It Go - Disney’s Frozen (Demi Lovato Version)
How To Be A Carpenter - Aesop Rock
Waiting for My Ruca - AWOL One, Abstract Rude, Josh Fischel & Transducer (From the Sublime Tribute Album)
Some Day My Prince Will Come - Disney’s Snow White
Do Your Feet Hurt - MXPX

So with three Disney Songs on this list I think it’s pretty obvious that I store all my daughters songs on my phone as well as my own. With all the road trips we take, from time to time I give up the stereo so my daughter can listen to her songs too. (Otherwise we all might go crazy!) I won’t lie though, we all totally sing along with all those Disney songs.

I guess I’m supposed to tag other people but that’s not really my thing so if you want to play along I tag you.


ariavie replied to your link “James Bonnett, the Comeback Kid”

Thanks for sharing! Your family sounds wonderful. :)


fatman2fitman replied to your link “James Bonnett, the Comeback Kid”

Awesome! This article caught my attention, but I haven’t read it yet. I’ll make sure I do!


danagoesthedistance replied to your link “James Bonnett, the Comeback Kid”

Whaat?! I had no idea! I’ve read that article a few times. What an awesome family you have!👪👬


breatherunlive replied to your link “James Bonnett, the Comeback Kid”

I haven’t finished the story yet but this is awesome.


desert-child replied to your link “James Bonnett, the Comeback Kid”

thank you for sharing this!!!


seechrisrun replied to your link “James Bonnett, the Comeback Kid”

I finally read this last week. I meant to ask if Charlie was you! To be honest, I don’t know that I would have made the connection if you hadn’t mentioned it was your brother earlier.


runningwithpump replied to your link “James Bonnett, the Comeback Kid”

I read this on the plane a couple of weeks ago. Great story. Thanks to you and your family for sharing.

Thank ALL of you for all your kind words! I very lucky to come from a very talent family. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am in my own running without my family. seechrisrun, I can understand how you wouldn’t make the connection if I hadn’t mentioned previously. Firstly I only go by Charlie with my family and if you see the pictures in the article the family resemblance isn’t exactly there. I get my looks from our mom, James get’s his from our dad and our youngest brother is more of a mixture of the two.

Came home from work tonight and wifey decided to surprise the Lil’ Princess and I with a delicious breakfast dinner…Chocolate Pancakes with Chocolate Ribbon Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s the little things like this that remind me why I married that amazing woman.

miss-ting03 replied to your post “Sometimes You Get Passed at the Finish Line…”

This is really poor sportswomenship… Not all female runners are like this, just saying…

winterfellwillrise replied to your post “Sometimes You Get Passed at the Finish Line…”

My god. She needs to calm the hell down. Good grief. X

I agree 100% ladies! I also see the exasperation on her face and can relate with what she’s feeling. Hell, at my last race I tried to out sprint a guy at the finish but just didn’t have enough. One can only hope that the birds weren’t really directed at the other runner and more at the fact that she came up short. I also hope that she congratulated the winning lady after they both crossed the finish line. Or maybe she’s just pissed that she got beat by a woman with untied shoelaces. Haha!

manvmiles replied to your post “What’s up megorun?”

Boston qualifying hasn’t opened yet has it?

Not yet. Only a couple more weeks left. First week of registration begins on the 8th of September with the 20+ minute qualifiers. Second week, when I will be registering, starts on the 15th.